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Vinyl (LVT)

Vinyl (LVT) Installation Cost

LVT is charged by the square metre, but our rate for LVT flooring depends on if the LVT is a click floated floor or a glue down? Our rate for click LVT is £10 per squared metre. Which includes the installation of the underlay, door thresholds and beading.

For glue down our rate is £12 per squared metre this also includes any door thresholds and beading.

There is a minimum cost of £130 for rooms less than 10 squared metres such as hallways, porches and toilets/bathrooms.

Door trimming, floor leveling and skirting board installation is available at an additional cost. Contact us for more details.

To uplift and dispose of your old floor covering will be charged at £3.50 per squared metre. However this charge is avoidable by taking up your old floor covering and disposing of yourself.

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