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Real Wood

Real Wood Floor Installation Cost

Real Wood floor is priced by the square metre, the type of wood (hardwood/solid wood), and the method used to install it. The most common and effective methods are to nail down to a timber sub floor, bond it to a concrete sub floor or to simply float and PVA the joints when installing a engineered wood floor.

There is a minimum cost of £130 for rooms less than 10 squared metres such as hallways, porches and toilets/bathrooms.

Door trimming and skirting board installation is available at an additional cost. Contact us for more details.

To uplift and dispose of your old floor covering will be charged at £3.50 per squared metre. However this charge is avoidable by taking up your old floor covering and disposing of yourself.

Hardwood Installations  

Click floating engineered floor- £12 per squared metre.

PVA Floating engineered floor  - £14 per squared metre.

Glue down onto concrete sub-floor - £18 per squared metre.

Nail down onto wood sub- floor - £16 per squared metre.

Solid Wood Installations 

Glue down onto concrete sub-floor - £22 per squared metre.

Nail down onto wood sub- floor - £19 per squared metre.

All of the above prices include the installation of underlay, door thresholds and beading.

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